What keeps your transaction data safe?

What keeps your transaction data safe? 600 384 Climatetrade

As we have already explained in other posts, one of the basis of Blockchain technology is its transparency. And it is precisely this characteristic that makes it possible to secure the data included in Blockchain transactions with high reliability.

We must be clear that everything we include in the Blockchain will be public and visible to its participants. In this way, if we do not want public information, we must avoid including it directly in any transaction. However, the information we do include will be immutable secure for the rest of the life of the network.

Let’s imagine that we want to send a transaction that includes the number of tons of a certain project that we want to buy. In the transaction we will indicate for example 75 tons. This data is safe on the network, and it will never be able to be modified, since the data of a transaction confirmed within a block is processed through cryptographic hashes and is spread to each subsequent block.

In this way, if someone were to try to modify the data of your transaction, for instance changing the 75 tons for 500, that change would alter the entire Blockchain system and all users would be aware that the information has been modified, making the change useless.

This functionality is key in any Blockchain system and application, but it becomes a very useful tool for, ensuring the existence and integrity of a file (PoEI). We will talk about this in a future blog post.