The future of business after Covid -19

The future of business after Covid -19 640 368 Climatetrade

This too shall pass and then… How will our life be after this pandemic that is running over the whole world?

Obviously, the first actions that will be taken will be focused on reactivating the economy and resume ordinary life as soon as possible.

However, this health crisis will leave us with as many damages as lessons learned… Now is the time to apprehend them in order to rebuild our future.

People, companies and governments must make from this situation a lever to innovate in the different industries and in the general welfare.

COVID-19 has shown us that the world is not prepared for such exceptional circumstances, situations that can arise overnight, and in a matter of weeks, paralyze the entire world. 

But how can we anticipate these events? We must consider those factors that have a direct influence on generating or aggravating crisis situations.

The best example is climate change, which is undoubtedly more than a determining factor, it is a major crisis itself.

It may seem inappropriate to think about long-term sustainability in these tough times, but the reality is that, if we do not take urgent action immediately to face this crisis, we cannot guarantee the arrival of a new one.

In the wake of the pandemic, governments, businesses and citizens will regain the fight against climate change, and as we know that a big economic recession is coming, those businesses that have not implemented sustainable processes are at high risk of losing everything. 

We must develop a more visionary, collaborative and open business strategy. Figure out more or less apocalyptic scenarios with contingency plans included. 

The challenge is to keep a mentality of long-term value creation and in turn, have the agility to adapt to disruptive day-to-day.

Another reality that the Coronavirus has shown is the fact that the economy is fragile and that we must be concerned in all aspects, especially those related to natural resources because as we are experiencing, they are a double-edged sword in crisis situations and as long as we have enough stock, we can use them to our advantage. 

Doubtlessly, the climate emergency and the growing social inequality are being further aggravated by this situation. Today, more than ever, it is essential to continue working towards the objectives of Agenda 2030 for a fairer and more sustainable world. 

Shall we be better prepared to respond to the climate emergency and other urgent sustainability challenges as a result of this experience?