Do you know ClimatetradeGO?

Do you know ClimatetradeGO? 600 399 Climatetrade

Climatetrade is pleased to introduce ClimatetradeGO, the first tool created to promote and encourage the acquisition of carbon-neutral products and services by your customers, as well as those of the products offered by your suppliers.

Our goal is to be your most complete technological partner in sustainability. Therefore, in addition to our marketplace for the purchase and sale of carbon credits, we have developed an API REST (Application Programming Interfaces) that, through a Saas model, will allow you to offer the carbon footprint offsetting service of your customers and suppliers in a simple and transparent way.

How ClimatetradeGO does it work?

ClimatetradeGo integrates easily and securely into different systems (websites, apps, marketplaces, tpvs, etc) of any company to offer voluntary carbon footprint compensation during the process of acquiring a particular product or service. 

Once the exact carbon footprint of the product/service in question has been calculated during the purchase process itself, we offer the customer/supplier the economic cost of the footprint.

Certificate of compensation 

At Climatetrade we are committed to transparency. Therefore, at the end of the process of offsetting the carbon footprint of a product or service, the client/supplier automatically receives in their email a nominative certificate with all the information about the project or projects to which their contribution has been allocated, as well as the link to it, and the reference Blockchain to trace their transaction from start to finish.

Iberia, pioneer in using the service of offsetting its flights using ClimatetradeGo


In January 2020, Iberia launched with Climatetrade the possibility of offsetting the footprint of its customers’ flights during the purchase process and today many Spanish companies are already integrating it into their services.

Control Dashboard

Likewise, we offer our clients a personalized dashboard so that they can monitor and control the compensations made in real time, thus obtaining quality information and data for the preparation of their non-financial report and designing a transparent communication strategy towards their clients and investors.

Our goal is to offer our clients all the necessary tools so that they can achieve their sustainability objectives. Whether it is for the purpose of offsetting emissions, providing advice or complying with current regulations.

We bet on innovation and digitalization of the sustainable transition of your company.