Dos ruedas = Un árbol – Norauto + ClimateTrade

Dos ruedas = Un árbol – Norauto + ClimateTrade 475 398 Climatetrade

Towards carbon neutrality

Norauto Spain has launched the campaign “Dos ruedas = Un árbol” with ClimateTrade, a project that is in the path to carbon neutrality. The company has decided to show its commitment in the fight against climate change and, for each sale of a sustainable means of transport, such as bicycles, electric scooters or skates, Norauto will contribute to reforesting the Alcoroches Natural Park.

Carbon offsetting

Thanks to this initiative Norauto will offset its carbon footprint through our platform, with the purchase of carbon credits, recognized by the Ministry of Ecological Transition in Spain (MITECO), contributing to the reforestation of 1.5 million trees in the Alcoroches Natural Park, after suffering in 2012 one of the most devastating fires in our country.

To date, native species have been planted in order to recover the natural balance of the area and thus, be able to attract back the fauna that previously inhabited it.

In this way ClimateTrade helps to generate an impact and increase CSR initiatives, in this case to achieve Norauto’s commitment to reduce 30% of carbon dioxide emissions by 2022.