ClimateTrade, the technological ally for your business


ClimateTrade, the technological ally for your business

ClimateTrade, the technological ally for your business 640 427 Climatetrade

Global confinement has brought  a great positive impact on the planet: the drastic reduction of CO2 emissions from human and industrial activity. It proves that it is possible to build a future that takes the environment into account, as long as we do our best in matter of sustainability. If there is one thing that is certain, it is that one of the best tools for doing so is technology. 

Carbon offsetting marketplace

In this sense, ClimateTrade occupies a privileged position in the ranking of technologies that help mitigate the consequences of climate change and promote sustainable behaviours. We are the ideal technological ally for those companies and organizations that seek to consolidate and materialize their commitment to the environment.

In addition to offering our carbon footprint offset solution to corporations, we have developed a tool that allows the offsetting of the carbon footprint of each commercial transaction carried out by the companies’ own customers and suppliers, regardless of the sector they belong to.

What steps should a company committed to energy transition, decarbonisation and carbon neutrality take?

It is about being an active agent in the effort to reduce our emissions and to compensate for those we have not been able to reduce. But in addition, we must develop our products and services in such way that they help our customers to be more sustainable in their actions. 

Why not offer our customers the chance to offset the carbon footprint of their product purchase? 

Iberia, one of our many customers, has already integrated our solution so that their customers can offset the carbon footprint of their flights during the purchase process.

The climate crisis, together with environmental awareness and the move towards a circular economy model, are now taking centre stage, therefore accelerating and boosting the commitment to sustainability.