Climatetrade new member of ICC Spain

Climatetrade new member of ICC Spain

Climatetrade new member of ICC Spain 600 384 Climatetrade

Climatetrade, new member of the Spanish Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce – ICC Spain.

The International Chamber of Commerce is a global business organization, representing companies from all sectors worldwide. It is made up of thousands of companies, chambers of commerce and business associations from more than 130 countries. The ICC promotes the opening of international trade and investment, as well as the market economy.

It should be noted that the ICC has the status of a consultative entity with the United Nations, its agencies and specialized organizations, and maintains a fluid and close relationship with other international organizations of recognized prestige.

The Spanish Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce is one of the 90 national committees around the world. It is primarily responsible for coordinating with its members to direct the interests of the national business community and to convey to the government the business views formulated by the ICC.

Climatetrade, as a member of the ICC, will participate in the commission’s work. Which cover a wide range of sectors, such as Arbitration and ADR, Banking, Competition, Environment and Energy, Intellectual Property, Marketing and Advertising, Taxation, Trade and Investment Policies, Corporate Social Responsibility and Anti-corruption, Digital Economy, among others.

As a member of ICC, Climatetrade will contribute to the development of the rules at a national and international level, through National Committees and their groups. Likewise, ClimateTrade will receive the information and may be able to participate in the development of policies, laws and regulations from the beginning.

Additionally, Climatetrade has access to all training courses and conferences and to a wide selection of services and practical tools offered by the ICC to facilitate business.