ClimateTrade, key green finance service provider

ClimateTrade, key green finance service provider 519 389 Climatetrade

The British Embassy in Spain highlights ClimateTrade as a key provider for green finance in its recent publication made in alliance with Afi, finance school, about the development of the UK and Spanish green finance sectors. In particular a comparative study of the evolution and development in both markets.  

The transition to a decarbonized economy is one of society’s biggest challenges. For this reason, today it is one of the elements receiving the greatest attention by public authorities as well as economic and financial agents. Meeting the objectives and leading the global transition to a low carbon economy will require unprecedented levels of investment in green and low carbon technologies, services and infrastructure.

The report includes both policy and commercial elements in its analysis of this market and a directory detailing a range of companies that work in this area, which we are proud to be a part of. 

The main objective is to identify the opportunities for the Spanish and British economic sectors through the identification of solutions and their providers so that the transition process can be as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This report is a useful tool for companies and policymakers for identifying key areas for the UK and Spain to work more closely together in the development of this important area of financial services moving forward.