We have developed an API REST (Application Programming Interfaces) that, through a Saas model, will allow you to offer the carbon footprint offsetting service of your customers and suppliers in a simple and transparent way.

Make your products & services carbon neutral


ClimatetradeGo integrates easily and securely into different systems (websites, apps, marketplaces, tpvs, etc).

Once the exact carbon footprint of the product/service has been calculated during the purchase process itself,  the customer/supplier gets the cost of the footprint to which their contribution has been allocated.

At the end of the process, the client automatically receives in their email a nominative certificate with all the information about the project.


we offer our clients a customized dashboard so that they can monitor and control the transactions made, thus obtaining quality information and data for the preparation of their non-financial report and designing a transparent communication strategy towards their clients and investors.