Climatetrade embraces Climate Justice

Climatetrade embraces Climate Justice 600 384 Climatetrade

ClimateTrade is part of the B Corp Climate Collective that stands in strong solidarity with historically marginalized communities around the world, those who are currently and will be the most affected by the devastating impacts of climate change.

The rise in the level of greenhouse gas emissions intensifies the climate emergency and its consequences, especially in countries that have contributed little to climate change, but are highly vulnerable to its effects. The victims, who represent the majority of the world’s population with few resources, suffer the consequences of an irrational and highly polluting development model prevalent in industrialized countries. Climate responsibilities are common, but differentiated: all countries have contributed to the problem, but to different degrees, both the level of greenhouse gas emissions and the consequences of climate change differ from one country to another, depending on economic, technological and resilience capacities.

Our entire team recognizes that those who are least responsible for climate change are more likely to suffer its most serious consequences, including premature death. We embrace the so-called Climate Justice to place the needs, the voices and, above all, the leadership of those who will be most affected by the climate emergency. We must put people and equity at the center of climate action advocacy. Being European we speak from the safe zone, but with full respect for the sovereignty of the countries and regions where we operate.

When we fully recognized this failure in the process and history of climate development cooperation and carbon markets. We take a breath and instead to find a middle way, looking for front-line voices but using secondary sources. We have learned some important lessons in recent years, unsurprisingly, they are the same lessons shared in The Climate Justice Playbook for Business: How to center climate action in Climate Justice.