ClimateTrade, committed to quality and excellence in its projects

ClimateTrade, committed to quality and excellence in its projects 1280 640 Climatetrade

Every day is Earth Day and that is why at Climatetrade we work to ensure that all the projects we support, both for emissions offsetting and climate change mitigation, are selected under strict quality standards in order to guarantee a positive, real impact aligned with the different Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

To achieve this, we have a specialized impact team with great expertise, led by José Lindo Solís, Head of Impact of the company, who throughout his career, has worked as an advisor to the United Nations, various NGOs and several governments, managing a wide range of campaigns and institutional actions aimed at the preservation and protection of natural resources. 

He has been involved in the “The Billion Tree Campaign”, where he was inspired by and worked with Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, raising funds to plant 47 million trees throughout Spain and create one of the largest green areas in Europe.

He was also an advisor to the United Nations-sponsored Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the largest international effort to date to assess the capacity of the planet’s ecosystems and their biodiversity to sustain human well-being in 2030-2040-2050.

He was also one of the pioneers of the B-Corp movement in Spain, advocating green projects of social innovation and impact worldwide.

The influence of society on business is a reality since consumption has been promoted as the most effective tool for it and must be used to promote sustainable behaviours.

“When you buy something it should be understood as a daily vote and a reward to those companies for being developers of sustainable activity. Companies that are smart and visionary will adapt to society’s demands, becoming more responsible and sustainable”.  says  Jose Lindo.