ClimateTrade and Acciona for renewable projects

ClimateTrade and Acciona for renewable projects 656 420 Climatetrade
  • This collaboration agreement with Acciona will allow us to integrate into our platform Certificated Emission Reduction (CER) from renewable projects with a high social impact, which meet specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) located in various developing countries, such as Mexico, Chile or Costa Rica. 

The Spanish corporation Acciona, leader in sustainable solutions for infrastructures and renewable energy projects, is pioneering the use of blockchain technology to ensure the traceability of the 100% renewable origin of the electricity generated at its facilities and also of the electricity stored in batteries. Now, the company will drive the internationalization of our carbon credit trading platform.

Acciona will provide Climatetrade with emission reduction certificates (ERCs) from renewable projects in several developing countries, such as Mexico, Chile or Costa Rica, which will be tradable under the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). 

In addition, the company will provide information on corporate social responsibility initiatives associated with the renewable projects involved and linked to the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

“By committing to the ClimateTrade project, we are aligning ourselves with a triple strategic objective for Acciona: the fight against climate change, digital innovation as a lever for the energy transition and social responsibility towards the communities where we develop our projects”, said Mikel Ortiz de Latierro, Director of Prevention, Sustainability, Environment and Quality at Acciona’s Energy division.

Carbon offsetting marketplace

Our platform connects project developers that generate emissions rights to companies needing to offset their emissions to achieve their carbon footprint reduction goals or comply with environmental regulations in the market. 

Besides, we are providing this service to those companies that wish to offer their clients the possibility of offsetting the emissions originated by the purchase of a certain product or service.

ClimateTrade facilitates and speeds up the transactions in the carbon market, opening up a very interesting and innovative business perspective within the framework of the transition towards a carbon-free economy.

Francisco Benedito, CEO of ClimateTrade, says that “going hand in hand with the world’s leading utility in sustainability, with large renewable projects, with great social content and which meet several ODS’s, means taking the platform to the next level. We thank  Acciona for increasing its trust in our project, allowing us to carry out a greater number of large transactions with corporate clients, as well as the confidence to be able to develop new projects related to energy and emissions rights, based on its expertise in the construction, energy and technology scopes”.