“Climate Pledge Friendly” label

“Climate Pledge Friendly” label 600 384 Climatetrade

Amazon launches a line of special labels for products and brands committed to the Planet.

Amazon is committed to generating zero emissions by 2040, ten years earlier than required by the Paris Agreement. The e-commerce giant begins to reward brands and products that bet on sustainability.

Online shoppers will be able to see the new “Climate Pledge Friendly” label on over 25,000 products, which have one or more of the 19 sustainability certifications.

The new label will be shown on products and brands that reduce the carbon footprint of their shipments, revolutionising transport operators (cargo airlines, sea shipping, road transport and the last urban mile).

Aiming to achieve zero emissions in 50% of deliveries by 2030, transport and parcel operators will be compelled to participate in the new model.

Brands willing to be part of the  Amazon ecosystem  will need to take steps to neutralise the remaining emissions with carbon footprint offsets.

The companies signing The Climate Pledge commit to three major blocks of action in line with the ultimate goal of Carbon Neutrality.

1. Emissions reduction 

The first commitment is to effectively decarbonise their operations and supply chain aligned with the Paris Agreement through innovation and real change, including efficiency improvements, renewable energy, material reduction and other carbon elimination strategies.

2. Offsetting CO2 emissions

The second commitment is to implement a voluntary offsetting programme for CO2 emissions which have not been able to be reduced after turning their processes into more efficient.

Selecting projects in developing countries in line with their values, with the ultimate aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.

3. Reporting

The third and final commitment is the regular public reporting on the progress of their greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction commitments and targets.

Climatetrade, offers the service of offsetting emissions to companies so that they can achieve their goals. We have an extensive portfolio of verified  projects around the world that meet the highest reputed standards in sustainability.