Carbon neutral products and services

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Consumers are increasingly  demanding that companies take action on their environmental impact which is becoming a trend over their purchasing decisions.

What do we offer to our customers?

Climatetrade helps companies to fulfil its most ambitious carbon offsetting commitments, empowering their sustainability strategy with our innovative digital solutions.

Our experience in the market has allowed us to analyse the current needs and detect a lack in the supply of carbon neutral products and services. In the coming years all products will be measured in CO2, and the consumer will know exactly how much they pollute before buying them. 

Did you know that this was possible? For this purpose, we have developed ClimatetradeGo, the first API REST that can be easily and securely integrated into the companies’ systems for them to be able to offer their own customers the possibility of acquiring these carbon neutral products and services during the purchase process. 

ClimatetradeGo provides customers with information about the carbon footprint of their purchases and offers the opportunity to invest in sustainable projects while offsetting it.

We have already  integrated our solution into the systems of large corporations worldwide.

Iberia, offset the carbon footprint of your flight


The airline offers its customers to offset the carbon footprint of their flight on a voluntary basis and thus, support sustainable development projects, with the integration of ClimatetradeGo during the purchase process in a simple click.

The passenger gets the exact carbon footprint of his trip and the economic amount needed to offset it. from Telefonica, buy carbon neutral devices

Telefónica recently launched, the first online platform for the sale of carbon-neutral devices

Reaffirming its commitment to achieving zero emissions by 2050, the company is selling previously offset devices, taking into account the environmental impact generated by their manufacture.

Instituto Tecnológico de la Construcción de Cataluña (ITEC), associated companies can offset the carbon footprint of their works.

ITec allows its associates to offset their carbon footprint in all types of works, all construction processes involved, such as materials, machinery, transport, etc. and during any phase of the life cycle (manufacturing, construction, use and deconstruction).

Make ClimatetradeGo your competitive advantage and offer carbon neutral products/services, integrate our technology into your e-commerce platform or payment process (checkout). Let each shopping cart of your customers contribute to reduce the environmental impact generated. Contact us! We will advise you on how to enhance your sustainability strategy.