Advantages of offsetting your company’s CO2 emissions

Advantages of offsetting your company’s CO2 emissions 150 150 Climatetrade

More and more companies are seeking to reduce their environmental and social impact.

Measuring CO2 emissions has become a growing trend among the main national and international companies to make their activity carbon neutral.

Recently, the Telefónica shareholders’ meeting held last June offset a total of 10 tons of CO2, the equivalent of organizing the event. And they did it through ClimateTrade.

The reality is that companies, either by energy consumption or by the production system, generate polluting gases for the atmosphere with practically any activity and, although it is almost impossible not to pollute, it is possible to minimize this impact with a very simple formula:

Measure, reduce and offset CO2 emissions

Companies are beginning to show a strong commitment against the effects of climate change and, although the carbon footprint is an environmental issue, there is no doubt that it also affects the sustainability of companies and even competitiveness.

But what are the benefits of offsetting a company’s emissions?

  • Help mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  • By reducing company, product or event emissions, environmental impact is reduced.
  • Energy cost savings.
  • Reduction of costs associated with the consumption of raw materials or products.
  • It acts as a differentiator against the competition.
  • It helps to improve the image of the company, it is the indicator of the degree of eco-efficiency.
  • Priority in the award of public contracts.
  • Possible tax incentives.
  • Added value for the company in the face of increasingly demanding consumers in action against climate change and with the workers themselves.
  • It generates social co-benefits, such as job creation, improvements in education, health or food safety.