A Green Recovery

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In a world where viruses are rapidly spreading to every corner due to a globalized world, our lifestyle has made us much more vulnerable to catastrophes.

Reduce CO2 emissions 

 At the end of 2019, the European Union officially declared the climate emergency with the intention of establishing a global action plan for reducing emissions and meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement. These include limiting the increase in the average temperature of the planet below 1.5°C, and thus, preventing us from moving towards a much worse future scenario than the one we already know.

However, the crisis in which we were already immersed has been overshadowed in recent months by the health crisis of COVID-19 and the economic crisis that is already looming in the short term, which has caused the climate crisis to fall into third place.

In reality, we should bear in mind that the environment can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Everything will depend on how we treat nature.

Once we leave this health crisis behind, we will continue to live within a climate crisis that, as it has already shown, holds dark chapters for the future.  It is no secret that a healthy nature would eliminate many problems tomorrow. Just as a forest protects us from a flood, a wide biodiversity protects us from other pandemics.

Our health, our economy and our lives are at risk, everything is connected. COVID-19 has taken thousands and thousands of lives, closed hundreds of businesses and enterprises, and has contributed to the serious deterioration of our economy.

A Green Recovery

We must learn from our past mistakes. In previous crises we managed to slow down global warming for a certain time, but when we returned to normal, the engines started up again and, in most cases, at maximum power to “make up for lost time”.

Recently, several governments have called for a sustainable way out of the Coronavirus crisis. An exit committed to the environment and climate action

Investment funds, before all this, were already betting on sustainability and an increasing trend of people demanding products and services that were environmentally friendly.  

History has already made it clear that the best way out of this scenario and to avoid situations like the ones we have experienced is to make a strong commitment to the environment, growing as a society hand in hand with nature. There is no exception, we must not forget that we are one more species in the world and that we depend, like the rest of the specie,s on the ecosystem around us.

In the end, something that we thought was as irrelevant as a pangolin or a bat could cause a pandemic that paralyzes the world we know.